Screenings have been held, and are being held throughout the US and Canada. To schedule a screening, or to list one here (even if it has already happened), please write to These are some of the screenings we know about:


April 1: University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio


July 10: EuroPride 2010 Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland

July 8: St. John's Church, Tallahasee, Florida

June 22: SASOD Film Festival, Georgetown, Guyana

May 9 St. Paul's Cathedral, San Diego, California

May 1: St. Paul's Church, Lansing, Michigan

March 26: Cleveland International Film Festival, Tower City Center, Cleveland

March 25: Cleveland International Film Festival, Tower City Center, Cleveland

March 19: Cleveland International Film Festival, Tower City Center, Cleveland

March 8: Cattle Country Clerics, Denton, Texas

February 20: Africa World Documentary Film Festival, Cave Hill, Barbados

February 6: Africa World Documentary Film Festival, St. Louis, Missouri

February 4: Diocesan Convention, New Bern, North Carolina


December 9: Transmission, Queens, New York

November 12: Reeling 28 International LGBT Film Festival, Chicago

November 11: OUTrageous LGBTI Film Festival, Santa Barbara, California

November 6: Diocesan Convention, Rochester, New York

October 21: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

September 17: University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland

September 13: St. Paul’s Church, Dowagiac, Michigan

August 29: St. Andrew’s, Ann Arbor, Michigan

July 13: The General Convention of the Episcopal Church, Anaheim, California

July 1: Church of Our Savior, Akron, Ohio

June 25: Church of the Holy Apostles, New York, New York

June 17, St. Mark’s Church, Casper, Wyoming

June 14: St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Houston, Texas

June 12: Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis, Missouri

June 10: Church of the Ascension, Silver Spring, Maryland

June 8: All Saints’ Church, Chicago

June 7: Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge

June 6: Christ Episcopal Church, Dearborn

June 5: All Saints Church, Pasadena, California

May 30: Church of the Incarnation, Santa Rosa, California

May 27: Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Cleveland

May 24: St. Augustine of Canterbury Anglican Church, Toronto, Ontario

May 13: Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley, California

May 10: St. John the Evangelist, San Francisco, California


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