This film was born out of desire to keep a promise.

The Worldwide Anglican Communion has failed to keep its promise to its LGBT children to listen to their experiences. Even though lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender faithful Anglicans are in danger of life imprisonment in many countries – indeed can be put to death in some countries simply for being gay – few provinces of the Communion have been willing to engage in the listening process urged on the Communion by its own bishops at every Lambeth Conference since 1978.

The idea for this film began as an effort to bring LGBT African Anglicans to the 2008 Lambeth Conference to tell their stories to this every-ten-years-gathering of Anglican bishops. When that proved almost impossible, the decision was made to bring them to Lambeth via film. That effort was successful. A short preview of this film was shown twice at the Lambeth Conference, on one of those occasions to a standing-room-only crowd.

The producers then returned to Africa for more interviews in more countries. The result is this 30 minute film of stories of courage and love, and most of all, of a deep abiding faith in God.

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